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The meaning of stewardship has been debated for quite some time with definitions surrounding time spent focusing on the Lord, building relationships with others and using the gifts God has given. The meaning of Christian stewardship has focused many times on tithing, but this is not the priority definition when discussing the subject. The priorities involved are how time is spent, how relationships are retained, and then how money is spent. There are a lot of things that have to do with this responsibility that many people have never been aware of. Most agree that a good idea is to spend time studying ways to become a responsible Christian. The Lord gives a few thoughts on the subject in the Bible, but those who were good stewards, were incredibly blessed. The meaning involves how the precious gifts that God has given to all are used and cared for. The good steward is someone who is doing the best he can with the things that God has given him. The reality shows up in how a person reacts in situations and how much they are willing to sacrifice to retain their responsibility.

Wasteful actions are contradictory to being responsible with what has been given. Rather than doing things that are glorifying to the Lord, a wasteful person does things that are glorifying themselves. The Lord calls all to be good stewards in everything that is done. This is why it is so important to honour God with time, relationships, and money.

The true definition of stewardship is a person using every talent and repeatedly sacrificing desires to do the right thing. The meaning of Christian stewardship has been completely confused over the years. People must understand that Christians are called to be good stewards all the time, not just on Sunday morning. The meaning of stewardship, when it comes to relationships, means that a Christian is not taking another for granted and instead is giving 100% to the relationship. It shows the utilization of everything that the Lord has for each member in that relationship. When it comes to money, using it and spending it wisely, in a way that would honour the Lord is the best course of action to become a responsible Christian.

More details on the St Thomas' Stewardship program to come!


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