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Leaving a bequest to your Church is a very private matter. What you do with your estate is in your hands. This short passage being a simple explanation of what a bequest is and explains how a bequest would be used in this Parish.

Over the years in this and in other Parishes, challenges of maintenance and growth arise constantly.

In addition, there are about two dozen other tasks that can be pursued for the maintenance and growth of our Parish. These projects add up to several hundreds of thousands of dollars. We do what we can as good stewards. In the past, many developments have flourished here, such as the roof restoration and much more. A bequest left to a Parish can often be used to undertake such tasks as these, or at least help get things moving.

After death, naturally enough, financial support for the Church stops. A bequest is one way of ensuring that, for a time, a contribution is made that helps your Parish. The policy at St Thomas' is to ensure that a bequest is used in such a way that the person(s) who left the bequest is remembered.

A bequest in a will ensures that your wishes are followed and your support of your Parish is remembered in a tangible and useful way.

A bequest, once received by the Church is administered by the Wardens and the Minister. The family is always consulted carefully and given a range of options that the Church needs, so that agreement is reached and goodwill is fostered. The Wardens and the priest then talk with Parish Council, so that everything is out in the open and done for the best interests of the Parish and the family concerned.

To avoid having funds tied up by complicated wording in a will, the following wording is provided by the Diocese, and is as follows:

I give and bequeath the sum of $....(or the rest and residue of my estate) to The Corporation of the Synod of the Diocese of Brisbane for the general charitable and religious purposes of the Parish St Thomas' Toowong, and the receipt of the Diocesan Registrar shall be a sufficient discharge to my executor or trustee.

It is important that you obtain legal advice about making your will.

The Diocese sends the funds from the bequest to the Parish and a project is selected and completed for the future generations of the Parish and community to use and enjoy. Each year, there are several pages in the Diocesan Annual Reports to Synod listing the dozens of bequests left to Parishes in wills from that year. It is a common practice that may appeal to some Parishioners.

If you would like to discuss a bequest, or just want more information please contact Rev'd Tom Sullivan on 3870 1655.




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