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Car parking for the Church and Parish Centre is located under the Data #3 building. For those attending Sunday morning service at St Thomas' Church, car parking is available from 7.00am until 10.30am every Sunday ONLY.

To locate the entrance to the car park (heading toward the city), drive into High Street and it's the first driveway on the left past the Church.

If you are coming from the city, drive up High Street and then do a 'U' turn at the central 'island' in front of the Church & Data #3 building, just before the intersection of Jephson/High Sts traffic lights. The car park entrance is the first driveway on your left.

If you are coming along Jephson Street, turn sharp left at the lights at the main intersection of Jephson & High Streets Toowong. Drive down High Street until you come to the first driveway on your left, entrance to the Data #3 building and follow the instructions below.

Drive up to the car park gate and you will see a pale grey metal box on the wall, on the right hand side of the gate. The door of the box should be unlocked*. You will need to get out of your car and press the switch in the box to raise the gate, if the gate is not already open.

When you are in the car park turn LEFT and the lift is ahead and clearly marked in the far right hand corner of the car park. Press the lift button and wait for the lift. Enter the lift and press 'G' to go to the ground floor.

When leaving, the lift will take you down to the car park by pressing 'B' for the basement. To exit the car park, just before the gate of the car park on the driver's right hand side is a handrail with a GREEN button, press the Green button and the gate will open.

*(If you find the grey metal box LOCKED, park the car in the visitors parking area and walk up High Street, and come up the steps to the Church).

Click here to download a map to assist your parking at St Thomas'.


Besides on street parking in the area, Wilson Parking operates a car park located near Woolworth's at Toowong. The limit for FREE parking is 2 HOURS but you MUST get a ticket and place it on your dash board.

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TRANSLink by Phone For information call TRANSLlink on 13 12 30 from within the TRANSLink service area for the cost of a local call.




Each Sunday8.30am Eucharist
New Service 10.30am -
Inclusive Community
Each Wednesday
except Ekka Day
5pm Evening Prayer

These are our main regular services. For more details on these and other services during the week, please go to our Worship page.




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