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A Place to Belong
A Place to Belong aims to help facilitate inclusive, connected communities.

It is their aim that people who live with mental health challenges will be able to find places of welcome and respect and inclusion. It aims to resource and inspire people in the community who wish to offer the vital friendship and thread of contact for which others yearn. The organisation searches for and locates community minded people who are willing to offer friendship to others who are excluded and are struggling to find their place to belong.

Ecumenical Social Justice
The Ecumenical Social Justice Group is a network of groups and individuals from parishes in the Western Suburbs of Brisbane who aim to raise awareness of social justice issues and to work to redress reconciliation, refugees and poverty issues. Membership of this group is drawn from the Christian Church communities of Brisbane's western suburbs and they seek to work together for Social Justice inspired by the social dimensions of the Gospels.


National Council of Women
The National Council of Women Queensland unites associations and societies of women, or of men and women, into an organisation for mutual counsel and co-operation. It advances the interests of humanity, and confers in questions relating to the welfare of the family, State and Commonwealth.

Such organisations whose beginnings owe much to NCWQ are the following: Bush Nursing Association; the Family Planning Association; Children's Film and Television Council; the first Women's College at the University of Queensland; and Meals on Wheels.

Meals on Wheels
The Queensland Meals on Wheels Services Association Inc is a community based organisation who provides information, resources and support to local Meals on Wheels Services throughout Queensland.

The Meals on Wheels Service promotes "care in the community" and encourages and supports the involvement of staff and volunteers to provide flexible Meals on Wheels Service for the frail aged, younger people with a disability and their carers throughout Queensland.

The 139 Club
The 139 Club was established in 1975 by a group of concerned citizens who set up a drop-in centre and a refuge for the homeless. This was first housed at 139 Charlotte Street, hence the name "139 Club". The 139 Club provides a safe environment in inner city Brisbane for people experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness, to access a range of support services aimed at enhancing social inclusion.

Angligreen - Diocese of Brisbane Environment Group
Angligreen came into being in response to the concern of many people in the Diocese about the state of the environment (God's Creation!). It is now a large group of people from many parishes in the Brisbane Diocese.

These people had been establishing various environmental initiatives in their own parishes. The group felt there was a need to have a body at diocesan level to promote the need for all Christians to care for God's Creation and to try to halt and, if possible, heal some of the damage that we humans have done to the earth over many years.

Their aim is to make themselves available to help parishes with environmental sustainability and practical initiatives that they might wish to engage in. As an official agency of the Diocese of Brisbane, Angligreen is part of the Parishes and Other Mission Agencies Commission.

Spiritus is an Anglican not-for-profit organisation providing caring and supportive services to the community. We are a proud member of the Anglicare Australia network.

Spiritus brings together into one organisation the combined strengths and heritage of St Luke's Nursing Service, Anglicare Southern Queensland and Anglican Care of The Aged.

Spiritus has announced from March 2012 they will change their name to Anglicare Southern Queensland.

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